Compact Core Drill Rig

The SCX DE151 is the most powerful H size drill rig in the SCX DE100 series range and suitable for both surface and underground applications. This easy to operate unit has a unique combination of size and capability. It has the highest push and pull capacity in the SCX underground drill rig range.

Key Features

  • CE marked to meet European standards (Conformité Européenne)
  • Rotating rod guard with interlock
  • All hydraulic operation
  • Rod holder closes automatically by gas accumulator, and opens hydraulically
  • Direct feed push and pull of 15 tonnes
  • Synchronized rod handling for optimized rod tripping
  • Load sensing hydraulic system for optimized power and efficiency
  • Pilot operated control system
  • Hydraulic feed boom positioner allowing telescoping to contact ground
  • Stable steel mounting frame with tilt cylinders
  • Mechanical feed boom lineal adjustment allowing the feed boom to contact ground
  • Control panel – pilot operated hydraulic system, with central control of all drilling operations.
  • Wireline hoist with capacity up to 1,200 meters
  • 360 degree turn table attached to the rig base


  • Wireline hoist with 2,000 mt capacity
  • 2,500 mm wire line mast


  • Wireline hoist with 2,000 mt capacity
  • 2,500 mm wire line mast


This highly productive and reliable rig offers peace of mind with increased safety on an already proven design.

Depth Capacity (N Rod)1,945 m6,381 ft
Feed Force15 tonnes33,000 lbf
Pull Force15 tonnes33,000 lbf



We have excellent aftermarket service and support with a global footprint. We can also tailor service contracts to suit your requirements.


& Consumables

We have a complete range of down hole tools and consumables to support exploration rigs for start-up and continued operation, SCX can offer competitive tooling packages with the sale of drill rigs.

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