Down Hole

Dig deeper with confidence.

When you’re thousands of feet deep in the ground, the reliability of your core drilling or reverse circulation tools is critical.

With Sunny Corner Exploration, our integrated manufacturing capabilities include a rod, casing and pipe manufacturing facility.

This allows us to work closely as partners to ensure flexible design options and provide innovative, reliable and timely solutions.

Core Drilling Tools

Sunny Corner Exploration has a complete range of core drilling bits, core barrel assemblies and rods. As a top consumable, we understand that quality drill tools are critical to success of your mining exploration program. Every component we provide and manufacture adheres to our strict quality assurance standards.

Reverse Circulation Tools

Our complete range of Sunny Corner Exploration RC hammers and integrated bits are manufactured to the highest quality, designed to generate higher penetration rates and lower costs in a wide range of drilling applications and environments.

Diamond Enhanced Bit Advantages

Eliminates the need to sharpen bits

Less re-grinding
of cuttings

No excessive
weight on bit

Greater productivity depending on ground conditions

Larger chips produced for geologist

Reduced fuel

Higher rotation
(40-50 RPM)

Improved safety as less rod pulls are required

Reduced wear on
the drill rig

Faster penetration as
bit remains sharp

Improved bit face

Greater drilling efficiency with lower cost per meter