Core Drilling Tools

As a comprehensive supplier to the mining and construction industries. We offer a complete range of top quality, hard wearing sampling equipment for even your most challenging diamond drilling applications.

Diamond Drill Rods & Casings

You can depend on our stringent developmental practices and testing for superior, hard-wearing and cost-effective diamond drill rods. Manufactured to the highest quality and built for performance, the range is complemented by a full selection of drill string components for core drilling applications.

Drill rods are commonly supplied in 1.5m and 3m (5ft and 10ft) lengths. We supply all the standard diameters which include B (55.6 mm,2.19 in), N (69.9 mm, 2.75 in), H (88.9 mm, 3.5 in), P (114.3 mm, 4.5 in) and all the associated casings to complement.

The drill rod is a significant investment in most drilling operations, selection and maintenance play a critical role in maximizing service life and return on investment.

We manufacture our own Canadian made Drill Rods and Casings here in Miramichi NB. Available in:

  • RP621 Casing W/WT Threads
  • RP622 Standard Wireline Drill Rods
  • RP623 Standard T Wireline Drill Rods
  • RP625 Heavy-Duty Wireline Drill Rods
  • RP630 Heavy-Duty Wireline Drill Rods – Lightweight
  • RP635 Wireline Drill Rods – Lightweight
  • RP640 R Wireline Drill Rods
  • RP662 & RP663 TK Rods

Coring Bits & Core Barrel Tools Available

Diamond Core Barrel Assemblies

An innovation in core drilling tools – our new diamond core barrel system, featuring interchangeable components.

  • Easily switch between the two sizes with just a few component changes
  • A multifunctional system for both surface and underground applications
  • Requires fewer parts and reduced inventories
  • Reduces the need for a different coring tools system

Delivering both standard and pump-in applications in one diamond core barrel operation.
The switchable components of the NSU and HSU core barrels provide flexibility.

As part of a full complement of materials to support our diamond core drill systems we also carry

  • Drill Bits
  • Rods
  • Adapter Subs
  • Casing Cutters
  • Wireline Core Barrel B/N/N2/N3/P/P3 LW/H/H3
  • Casing W/WT Threads
  • Reaming shells
  • Interchangeable core barrel systems and accessories
  • Anti-Galling thread compound
  • Casing Shoes

All SCXploration core drilling tools are manufactured to comply with the highest standards in the world.