Drill Rigs

Sunny Corner has been in business for more than 58 years and has been manufacturing surface core, underground core and multipurpose drill rigs for some of the largest players in the exploration mining industry the past two decades.

Our team of designers, engineers, operators and our clients work as a fully integrated team of partners to ensure our equipment performs in the most demanding environments exploratory drilling requires.

Surface Core
Drill Rigs

Underground Core
Drill Rigs

Drill Rigs

In addition to our drill rig manufacturing capabilities, we also provide onsite service, after-market parts, unit certification and the ability to facilitate a ‘back to base’ or complete overhaul repair on field rigs.

“Transporting raw materials can be difficult, but this company is committed to ensuring availability by stocking its shelves in advance. They also invest in finished products and adjust safety levels as the market changes. The industry is cyclical, so they are willing to take risks to support their customers.”

Mark Landry
– Major Drilling