SCX Experience

We exist to keep the customers we serve working. ‘Above and beyond’ is just the way this team delivers, on a daily basis.

We Have

Your Back

Proving our worth as a ‘relationship-first’ company is the primary reason we’ve been able to create a customer experience that employees and customers have come to value and respect. The primary reason we exist is ‘to keep people working’ – and to achieve that goal requires a commitment that goes well beyond an 8 hour work day. You have a challenge, an idea or opportunity? We’ll find the answer together.

Industry Proven


As a manufacturing company we’ve worked in the exploratory mining sector manufacturing and supplying drill rigs, deep hole tools, and parts for decades. The integrated delivery approach pioneered by our parent company Sunny Corner Enterprises, has provided us the opportunity to serve as long standing partners with industry leaders like Sandvik and Major Drilling.


Eric Lloyd


Will Doyle

VP of Manufacturing

Scott Black

Production Manager –
Assembly Plant

Chris Morrison

Product Manager –
Rigs and Aftermarket

Scott Russell

Procurement Manager

Martin Gaudreau

Design Engineer

Charles Brown

Director of Engineering


Pablo Arnillas

Regional Sales Manager
– Latin America

Nick Sattin

Global Product Manager for Reverse Circulation (RC) Tools

Lucia Damil

Inside Sales

Ginette Barrieau

Inside Sales

Paola Valdes

Sales Representative
– Latin America

Transparency First


Accountability begins with openly sharing information. This includes everything from challenges we may encounter to cost savings opportunities. We prioritize information analysis with the ultimate goal of sharing that insight with our partners through consistent communication and updates. Our commitment to accelerating the flow of critical information is our approach to earning trust and loyalty.



We believe that before you embark on any project – every stakeholder must be on the same page, every question needs to be answered and every idea considered. Alignment, clarity and a partnership mindset is what drives us forward. We look at challenges using different angles of approach, rather than simply accepting the way things have always been done. It speaks to a level of stakeholder pride that’s always in search of a more efficient path forward.